Located in San Diego, California, Altitude CAM llc. specializes in aerial cinematography and photography using RC multi-rotor aircraft. RC multi-rotor aircraft allow us to reach heights of up to 400 feet above ground level using environmentally conscious electric power systems.
These aircraft operate well in urban areas, where space and noise pollution are public concerns. Designed here at Altitude CAM, our aircraft accommodate camera angles previously thought impossible. Reliable platforms with multiple fail-safe features allow us to mount the finest photo equipment with ease. These platforms are operated by both cameraman and pilot and can lift almost any camera that a client wishes to use, from GO-Pro to Epic Red. Clients may also use our photo and video equipment at no extra charge. Available in-house cameras include Black Magic Production Cinema 4K, Sony NEX-7, Sony SLR A-77, Sony HDR-CX190/B, Contour HD, and GoPro Hero3. Our live video link allows real-time monitoring of the camera feed. As a result, we can begin recording material minutes after arriving on site, view in real-time what is being recorded, and control all axes of the camera. This allows us to reach and film areas that are normally inaccessible with conventional resources (airplanes, helicopters, cranes, etc.) and then instantly deliver the recorded material to the client.


Altitude CAM is very involved in education and popularization of new technologies in our community. As a part of the A-STEM program we are trying to educate and promote the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
We collaborate with Air Group One – San Diego Wing of the “Commemorative Air Force,” a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Midland, Texas. The CAF is a volunteer organization with members from all walks of life, dedicated to preserving the history of the people and planes of World War II. “To Commemorate, Educate, and Motivate” Through education, perpetuate in the hearts of all Americans, the aviation heritage, honor, and spirit of those who participated in the defense of our nation. By actively utilizing aviation, motivate community youth to stay in school, become knowledgeable citizens, and pursue careers in STEM disciplines. For more information visit


San Diego 6 TV Channel caught Altitude CAM in the action while shooting for the Lifeguard Show airing on the Weather Channel. They featured Altitude CAM on their morning show.